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Paleo Power or Atkins Achievement?

david-intercontinental-tel-aviv-buffetMy oldest son and I could afford to lose some weight.  When we were abroad a couple of months ago and surrounded by all-you-can-eat breakfast and dinner buffets, he went wild. 

I had limited the kids to one or two small desserts, and no ultra-sugary breakfast items, even if they thought it counted as a cereal or yogurt-!  But I had neglected to count how many times they went back to the buffet… for regular foods.  We’re not talking “seconds” here, we’re talking fives or sixes.

“Cool it,” I whispered to him on more than one occasion.israeli-breakfast

“Don’t worry, Mama, we’re very active,” he tried to calm me when onlookers asked if we ever fed the kids at home….

True, we were hiking mountains and walking long distances every day, instead of driving door-to-door.  But still….

bathroom-scale-soccerSure enough, when I got him to step on the scale back home after the holidays (on top of it all!), he had gained a lot.  Happily, his athletic build didn’t betray him.

“What-?!” came the shriek from the bathroom.

“I tried to tell you…” I said, having some experience in the blimp-before-you-know-it category.  “We’ll just have to get serious.”

“My tennis season is coming up-!” he gasped.

But, by now, he had become accustomed to eating huge paleo-diet1portions, and snacking, and enjoying his desserts.  All of our healthy eating habits had been washed away over the course of a month.

“We’re going to be on our own for part of the week,” I confided, as his tennis season loomed on the horizon.  “We can eat whatever we want.  I won’t have to cook for six.  Do you want to do a special diet?”

“Sure,” he enthused.

Agitated young woman looking up in frustrationI weighed the idea of simply cutting back on his portions, a good plan in itself.  However, he wanted to quickly drop some weight to be lighter on his feet during sports.  Along with our archaeological endeavors, I felt the best approach might be to return to our caveman roots, and go Paleo.

One of the hottest diets around, Paleo reminds me a lot of Atkins.  Maybe we’re really doing Atkins and just calling it Paleo for the panache.  I say tomato and you say tomahtoh.

Those who study these things reveal that Paleo is not 7bp_baikburukdietatkins00low-carb, but simply calls followers to eat “real food” and avoid grains, legumes and dairy.  Nothing packaged.  Plus, Paleo stresses grass-fed, organic meat, which many folks either can’t find or afford.  The more I think about it, I guess we’re doing Atkins with a little Paleo.

So, by eating low-carb, and sticking with proteins like chicken or tuna, lots of low-carb veggies, and the occasional piece of fruit, we’re probably reducing our overall amount of food, plus keeping the carbs in check to some extent.  The results?

o-EGGS-ATKINS-DIET-570By the next morning, Petya had lost 4 pounds, and I had lost 1/10 of a pound.  Guys!  Yes, he had his intensive tennis workouts, and no, I didn’t cheat, thank you for asking.  We both did our early-morning power walk.

After two days, he had lost another 2 pounds, total of 6 pounds in two days, and I lost 3 pounds total for two days.  Guys! 

I wonder if Tarzan lost more than Jane?  But I’m not atkinscomplaining.  Some dieters get these kind of results after a week or two.  So I’ve been whipping up homemade veggie soup with either some chicken or stew beef thrown in and it’s been enjoyable, although a bit time-consuming.  Eggs have become our friend.

At least we’ve gotten some encouraging reasults, and are hoping for more to follow.  Have you tried Paleo or Atkins?



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