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Parent as Coach

crI love our kids. They are positive and resilient, playful and goal-oriented. Occasionally, there’s a blip in the road and that’s where parents step in. And in today’s world, even if a mom or dad has no real-life experience in taking their child to the next level, they can always find someone else who may assist….

Here, we’re in the do-it-yourself club, never having met a challenge that we didn’t enjoy-! So, I met with one of our nearest and dearest, on the cusp of entering adulthood in so many ways, and talked life strategy.

I gave the analogy of being a prize fighter. This one was entering the boxing ring and I was crthe coach-! Have you ever known a son or daughter to feel slightly hesitant in a certain area? (And of course, we’re not talking anything illegal, immoral or unethical-!)

All of our kids spoke multiple languages that we nurtured, had great academic records and interesting work experience, had developed good attitudes, but when it came time to take the next major step in this area or that, a good case of nerves resulted. Who couldn’t relate to that? Many never even try to take the next step in life-!

So here we were, springing off the ropes in the ring, pushing this one back into position.

“I’ve got your robe, right here!” I motioned, introducing, “And in this corner we have the prize fighter….”

At least I elicited a laugh.

crWe talked over what had this one in a case of self-doubt. All good reasons. But not enough to have them running from the ring of life. I explained that there were those of us who had walked this path before and we would be there every step of the way.

A faint smile.  An agreement to try, try again.

Coaching kids is a delicate dance, but a fun one, that will usually require multiple attempts. Give it your best shot.


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