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Parents Who Snoop for Safety’s Sake

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Are you a snoopy parent? Some are, and some aren’t.

That doesn’t interest me as much as why some do, and why some don’t.

My husband and I have assisted a wide variety of parents who come to us in some form of tears or anger. I understand. Been there myself. This is the no judgment zone, for sure. Anything I can do to help, whether a shoulder to cry on or a plan of attack.

If whatever I suggest doesn’t strike a chord or ring a bell for you, well, at least I’ve helped you clarify

what was already in your heart….

Some parents don’t snoop through cellphones, e-mails, under pillowcases or mattresses, or in the far a_4xcorner of closets… because they don’t want to know what’s there. I understand. The head-in-the-sand method might let you sleep better at night.

It could be better than the poke-around-and-stir-the-sleeping-serpent method. Because then you have to deal with the fake I.D.s, the drugs, the condoms, the hoarded food, the porn, the hidden micro-mini clothes….

computerAnd what exactly are you going to do about that? Confront? Ground? Remove privileges?

It all takes time and energy. Rather draining and nasty results. Venomous words are directed your way, while the kid looks at you with pure hatred and snake eyes: WHY WERE YOU SNOOPING HERE???!!!

Gee, let me see…. Should we invite the police to come into the house and seize the contraband for us?

How many “rights” does a child have while they’re living under your roof in your house? In most schools and businesses there are rules to follow… and doesn’t home prepare the kids for those settings?

Hopefully so.


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  1. avatar Jeremy says:

    Companies can easily pull up records on any employee’s computer use. I see no reason why parents should not monitor their children.

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