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Passover Drama

155The first Passover included tons of drama as the people of Israel exited the slavery of Egypt under the strong hand of the Lord. So traumatized was the Pharaoh of the time that history records him as leaving his usual war campaigns and keeping a low profile for many years thereafter.

It’s no different today.

I’ll never forget traveling through the sultry April night to celebrate Passover with family friends. Seder MealFrom Jerusalem to the suburbs of Tel Aviv, my car wound through traditional neighborhoods where men prayed in synagogues as the sun set and groups of relatives gathered in homes for the seder meal.

Laden with appropriate food gifts, I arrived to a festive atmosphere. Their daughter had just married and the honeymoon couple was in attendance, along with both sides of parents, siblings, and assorted international guests. Little did we know as we went round and round, speed-threading in Hebrew from the Haggadah like whirling dervishes before the next took his or her turn, the long tables pushed together and stretching as one unit from dining room to living room, that within a short time, our hosts’ youngest son, just 22 years old, would be dead from a terrorist attack.

There would be one seat vacant at the table and it wasn’t Elijah the Prophet’s chair. One missing place. One hole in hearts.

It was a drama that everyone could live without.Food-Passover-2

Soon enough, there were grandchildren on the way. Yet, they could not replace their uncle. The grief, the strain, the memorials held. It was rough, it was wrong, it was life.

The story of the Passover then and now: life goes forward even in the most difficult of circumstances. God’s help is not only a blessing, but a necessity. Lean on Him even when you feel you can walk for yourself.

Soon enough, you’ll be well on your way to your Promised Land, though there be skirmishes along the way.  Keep focusing on the good and on the future before you.

May your Passover be meaningful and bright and hopeful.  Hag Sameach!


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