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Peanut Butter and Jelly Questions

Our oldest is involved in an archaeological excavation for teens this week and that means a bag lunch, or a mini-cooler lunch in these days of three-digit temperatures. His sandwich of choice? Peanut butter and jelly.

Of course, it could be peanut butter and banana, which his father told him he enjoyed as a young person. But Petya saves that treat for the weekend, preferring the more straightforward sandwich during his working hours.

In the past, he’s enjoyed wraps, and pitas, and everything inbetween. Yet, for his Indiana Jones adventures, this teen needs his comfort food.

So the question is: how do you make a PB&J?

I’m not talking smooth or crunchy here, although that’s a legitimate preference anyway you slice it. Instead, I mean what goes where on the sandwich itself?

Benedetto started this mess and his son followed right along in his footsteps. My husband seems to think that the peanut butter should be placed on both slices of bread, then the jelly on one side. Petya one-upped him and made the sandwich himself one day, slathering the PB on both sides, plus the jelly on both sides-!

Should we note? It was one oozy mess.

Personally, the socially-approved and anthropologically-correct way to do it would be to keep it all separate, but equal: put the peanut butter on one side, and the jelly on the other. Let them mix and mingle only after the bread slices are brought together.

Just for the record, Petya enjoys crunchy peanut butter and blackberry jelly. But there are bigger fish to fry. One day I made the mistake of cutting the sandwich… gasp… drumroll… incorrectly!

“Would you like it sliced kittycorner?” I innocently inquired a while back.

“No!” was the horrified reply.

Apparently kittycorner is girly. He instead chooses the straight up-and-down cut. Whatever. It’s not like I was asking if he needed the crusts removed from the whole wheat bread.

My mother always did kittycorner to kittycorner, a delightful X across the sandwich with, naturally, all crusts removed, which made it taste even more delicious, in my opinion.

I toss in some fruit and veggies, and a couple of bottles of iced water, and off he goes to discover old, porcelain doorknobs, a historic key and lock, some nails, and blown glassware. A good day, our son returns home so bone-tired that he heads for bed around 8:00 pm, no doubt with visions of peanut butter dancing in his dreams till he awakes again before the sun rises.

How do you make your kids’ sandwiches?


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  1. Mine won’t eat PB&J. (also does not eat mac and cheese. I wish that meant she ate healthful food choices). But I eat it frequently for work lunches. Peanut butter on one side. Jelly on the other. Sliced in half down the middle.

    • avatar admin says:

      You really should try the criss-cross cut with the crusts taken off, Wendy. Very refined, tee hee. And we have one who will not eat peanut butter in any form. I think it’s a sensory thing, rather than the taste itself. They say Nutella is actually healthy…. 🙂

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