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Pet Names for Pets

We are besotted, so in love with our little dogs that we often call them by special lovey-dovey names.  You know, “Sweetie-Pie” and the like, as well as more unusual ones.

Misha and Grisha are two black Scottish terriers.  Here are some of our strange-but-true nicknames for them, Misha being the elder and Grisha being the younger.

1.  Shnookey-kabooki (either)

2.  The Great Zucchini (Misha)

3.  The Little Pickle (Grisha)

4.  Arboosik (M – watermelon in Russian)

5.  Big Guy (M)

6.  Little Guy (G)

7.  Grisha Grishovich (G – no such silly name in Russian, but we won’t let that stop us)

8.  Misha Mishovich (M – another silly name)

9.  Little Schnitzel (G)

10.  Little Peanut (G)

11.  The King of Siam (M – very pompous posturing)

12.  The Queen of Sheba (G – though both dogs are male)

Along with “Arboosik”, for our Russian entries, we have:

13.  Moy Zaychik (G – my little rabbit)

14.  Maya Solnishka (M – my little sunshine)

15.  Snezhinka (M – snowflake – he likes to eat snow)

All of these names are preceded by snuggles and hugs and kisses, of course.  Hopefully, they’re not fostering any identity crises.

Do you have “pet names”, or terms of endearment, that you use for your pets?



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  1. avatar Linda says:

    we’re a bit boring about pet names…
    We have two cats, Alice Cooper and Frank Zappa. Now, they are both girls… I blame my husband…
    As they are girls and are named after men, we call them Alice and Zappa…
    Alice becomes Ali, and Zappa becomes Zap or Zapzap…
    Not very interesting in any way or form…

  2. avatar Gwendolyn says:

    OH, yes, WE DO!

    My first dog was ‘named’ Pippin, long before Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber made T.S. Eliot’s ‘Book of Practical Cats’ known to so many! Even then, we knew that a DOG needed multiple names! (What is it with cats, that they need only THREE? Huh?)

    So our little beastie became known as Philip George Henley, Earl of Overshott and Duke of Thatchbottom, aka Pipsky-pupsky and a myriad of other diminuatives!

    Pip / Pippin is a diminuative of Philip
    George just fit
    Henley: place on the Thames, near our first home, site of annual sculling regatta
    Earl of Overshott: this refers to his habit of ‘overshooting’ us when asked to come when called
    Duke of Thatchbottom: a reference to the color of his coat covering his glutes!

    Current dogs:
    Anya, aka Anna Linnea, Anochka, Aniuta, Anya-Bananya…
    Tango: Tangleton, Tango-Tang, Tang-Tang-Tang, Tangushka (we don’t let a small matter of language stop us either!), Tangula…

    And, of course, the middle dog, Sasha: Aleksandra Karlovna, Sashenka…

    But then, family cat names (without diminuatives or variations)… From the time I was about 14 to now, my mother has rarely had fewer than four cats at a time. The peak, at one point, was 13! All of which WERE feral and all of which became house cats as part of the process of spaying them!

    Noteable names:
    Frick (white) and Frack (tan) who are almost twins
    Captain Joe Nubbs
    Grover Cleveland
    Maggie Mae
    Henry (the Siamese who fetched things)

    • avatar admin says:

      Too funny, Gwendolyn! I think we have some Earls of Overshott and Dukes of Thatchbottom. In our guys’ official names, they have “Graf” in the beginning: “Count” in Russian. At the vet, they sometimes say, “Oh, here’s the Count!” rather than use their full formal names. The things we do…!

  3. avatar sarah says:

    These names are very cute…for our little Russian Sasha. We call him Sashy (much to the chagrin of Russian friends), Sashimo, Shimo, Shimalish, shimalicious, prince, as a little guy he would tell us his name was Sashimo Russia! Gracie , gracie girl, girlie, She is our little 2 year old and is our Russian Diva….god please let her get less opinionated!

    • avatar admin says:

      A Russian becoming LESS opinionated as time goes by?! Ha-hah-hah-hah…. Sarah, it was only after we adopted that my husband understood me and “my people”. We’re multiplying! I love the cute names!

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