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Petya Hits the Road

traffic.comOur son is no dummy. When it comes to driving, he prefers the suburbs with wide roads and easy speed limits. When the business trip loomed and the reality of him heading out in the Beemer for six hours of highway driving, followed by heading into city driving immediately thereafter, we weren’t sure what to think. He had just turned 19.

Our advice was contradictory. His father seemed even more concerned Roadthan I. But at least I was more communicative.

“Let us know how you’re doing— stay in touch,” I urged. “But don’t text while driving.”

So periodically through the trip, he would check in. And I would ask him important questions, such as:

startupDo you need gas, yet?
Do you need a bathroom?
Have you used your chapstick?
What do you mean, you missed your exit?
Papa’s directions are no good? Been there, done that….
Are you supposed to be looking at the GPS while you’re driving? When else? Good question….

He ends up arriving into the city exactly on time, which is early. This is what getting up long before the break of dawn will do for you.

Petya visits a TV production facility that we wanted him to see and IMG_3468thoroughly enjoys the educational experience. He grabs a sandwich and drives to the opposite side of the city to his top-drawer hotel. Our son checks in, texts his other staff members there, has enough time to take a shower and relax for an hour. At last, he meets everyone to start working the conference. By night, he eats a noodle cup and hits the gym.

IMG_0855At 9:00 pm, he’s more than ready for bed.

That’s my big guy. And he did it all without me. Waaah! Or yay….

When Benedetto and I were his age each of us were halfway around the world on our own individual expeditions. So driving a few hours shouldn’t seem like an over-the-top deal.

Except when it was my son. Love you, big guy!

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