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Petya’s Business Trip Materializes

conference-imageIt was about this time last year that our oldest son, Petya, who had just turned 18 was faced with the possibility of his first business trip. Working part-time and attending university part-time, this guy was amazing. But the five-hour flight never panned out, even though we had various friends and family on stand-by just in case he should be solo somewhere in their hemisphere, lol.

Now he’s 19 and on tap again for a big conference. The office said he might be going,general_sesh but he never heard again. What they might not understand is that families have plans and to wait till the last minute to decide whether or not he’s needed is difficult for more people than just him. But anyways….

Today he heard. And none too soon. He’s due to travel in a couple of days! Everyone else from the office, professionals, of course, will be flying, whereas, due to our own unique circumstances of living in two cities, it has been deemed that he can drive. Six hours of highway driving to a new city is not exactly thrilling his father and me, but, we’re excited for him, nonetheless.

drivingYes, it will mess up our schedule. Yes, they will need him longer than I thought, necessitating me to stay behind, wait for him to drive six hours, return to House B by evening, so that we can then follow the rest of the family by about 10 hours and drive for about seven more to head to House A. We arrive before daybreak if we can and then we both sleep a couple of hours before beginning another jam-packed week.

Kinda crazy, huh? I have him memorize the top presenters’ names and photos as he will be interacting with people who are so well-known that he should… know them. He’s basically prepping for promotion.  I give him unsolicited advice and scope out nearby eateries on a maps program and inform him about how much daily parking at this swank hotel costs.

I wonder if he will break even.

They expect him to work long hours and gave him a title like “Special Projects health-clubAssistant”, lol. I ask him ten times in a row how they broke the news that he was in.

“Mama, I told you—,” he protests after the fifth time or so.

“I know, I know, just humor me,” I laugh, thinking that I’m just as excited as he is.

At least they have a 24-hour fitness club and a sauna where he can unwind. Should be quite a trip….

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