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Phase I Field Survey

1493578_4c87e7ffSummoned to undertake an archaeological field survey several hours away in the countryside, my son and I are faced once again with the question of where we might stay for a few days. 

We could camp on the huge farm where the team plans to do hundreds of shovel test pits.  Once again, the selling points include one porta-potty.

That’s it.  No showers, no running water much less hot, running water, no RVs welcomed, no campfires, no Wi-Fi, no place to hang our hats or store our boots or make a bag lunch.

The site is located near the mountains, so I imagine it to be Blue-Ridge-Parkway3-2growing colder there over the next month.  I picture us slaving in the fields by day, and tossing fitfully by night, unwashed, sweaty, and devoured by mosquitos.

Or snakes, looking for a warm hiding place.

Have I ever told you:  nature and I don’t always go together.

Another archaeological excavation deep in the woods puts out warnings about ticks, ticks, and more ticks, along with poison ivy, thpoison sumac, and poison oak rashes spreading across most of their diggers.  Great.

I check out the farm site near the mountains further and cannot find the town.  It doesn’t exist for all intents and purposes.  Another town pops up when I type in the first town. 

Alright, whatever.  No hotels or motels there. Thirty miles away, there are a few fleabag places and a handful of 3757672399_393dabd281_zbed-and-breakfast romantic getaways near wineries.  Not the kind of places that mud-encrusted mother-and-son archaeologists would look to lay their heads at night.

Here’s a motel:  listed as clean, comfortable, right on the main drag, free internet, microwave and refrigerator in every room.  No continental breakfast, no swimming pool, but hey, no reports of dirty shirts or bedbugs, either.

In other words, mediocre minus.  It just might work.

Have you ever had to “settle”?


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