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Phoneless and Homeless

iphone-4sThe family headed out for a one-day getaway in honor of our oldest son’s upcoming 20th birthday. Hot on the heels of the successful meeting of my deadline, I was beyond exhausted, but happy. Leaving the house before dawn, we packed up the troops on our way between Point A and Point B… in order to stop at Point C.

Halfway to Point C, I realized that my cell phone was not with me. One of my helpful kids had unplugged and packed my laptop, unplugged my phone and put it aside. In my rush to leave the house, I scanned everywhere and imagined that someone had already placed the mobile in my purse.


Here we would be pursuing various activities with myself unable to be in contact with the others. Unusual steps had hotel-key-cardsto be taken: we would set times and schedules, meeting places and itineraries… and stick to them. No changes, no communications, no last-minute questions, nor spur-of-the-moment ideas that were so simply taken for granted.

We checked into our accommodations and the family enjoyed an activity, while I headed back to get a bit of work done. Three times I shuttled between reception and our lodgings, walking interminable distances, the key card failing to activate. Back and forth, back and forth. Workmen. New keycards. New batteries for the lock. Phoneless, homeless almost. And all I wanted was to tie up loose ends on my laptop, now held prisoner in the accessless room, or perhaps take a nap.

At last, the lock was fixed, I gained admittance only a moment before the family showed up. So much for the rest.

Maybe tomorrow, lol.


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