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Pizza in Any Form or Any Place

Salami-PizzaOur kids love pizza. I mean they loooove pizza. There’s probably not a single pizza any of them would dislike. Maybe deep-dish….

Benedetto regals them with talk of potato-and-rosemary-with-olive-oil Roman slices. I try to explain Quattro Stagione’s delights and they all understand how to eat a thin-crust pizza with knife and fork at any self-respecting Italian cafe.

Personally, my favorite is a Middle Eastern pizza hailing from Lebanon and called Lahma bi Ajeen (“meat lebanese-pizza-Lahm-bi-ajeen-565x423_5with dough”) and includes a thin crust with minced onions, usually ground lamb, cumin and yogurt. I regularly enjoyed this along with a girlfriend many decades ago in Jerusalem’s Armenian Quarter of the Old City. I always ordered one pita-sized pizza and she polished off several, lol.

samsOur family makes simple pizzas with half of a pita bread, broiling them in the oven. The pizza Margherita reminds us of the Italian flag – red tomato sauce, white mozzarella cheese and fresh green basil. The Marinara style with oil, tomato, garlic, and oregano is a bit too plain for my tastes, but a good snack. Same with Neapolitan, which is Marinara minus the cheese.

The teens love vegetarian pizza and are privy to inside-IMG_2674information. They know that you can buy a slice of pizza, enough to feed a family of four probably, along with a huge soft drink at Sam’s Club for a couple of bucks. Having seen the kids in action (that would be along with their father, lol), I can vouch that these are the most enormous slices on the face of the earth, dripping and draping over the paper plate on which they are served.

IMG_2673I eat my salad while eying them.

“Just don’t try to take a date to Sam’s Club,” I advise the boys concerning any future plans and we all laugh.

While rushing through the grocery store, I spot both a Sasquatch and a Screamin’ Sicilian style pizza. The family oohs and aahs at the packaging.

Let’s face it: if the family/ office/ youth group/ sports team needs a lift, pizza will often do it-!


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