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Places to Walk or Run in Inclement Weather

Walking-for-HealthWhenever it’s cold, hot, rainy or snowy, your exercise motivation may flag. But never fear, help is here! There are loads of places to do your routine while protected from the elements.

In no particular order, here are some locales you may, or may not, have thought of:

Your own basement, bedroom, rec room, or living room-! That’s right, you can march in place, use a treadmill or elliptical machine, or even walk, run, or skip a circuit from the family room, to the kitchen and back again-!

The local shopping mall. Check it out. Rather than be empty every weekday morning, most shopping centers welcome mall-walkers. You can cover quite some territory in air conditioned or heated splendor.

A nearby school with covered steps or bleachers. Their indoor gym may be free before school or during lunch time. Think of all of the steps or the mall-walkers-5distance that is possible to rack up in such a setting.

An office building with steps and long hallways. Unless security stops you, nobody needs to know if you work there or not.

A larger-size store, early in the morning. I’ve been known to loop twice around a larger Super WalMart if I’m in the environs and start the day with a brisk mile already under my belt.

trackAn indoor track. More and more health clubs and community centers feature an elevated track where you can walk or run to your heart’s content. Provided you’re a member.

There you have the top six choices, sure to provide you with a workable workout— even when the weather refuses to cooperate! Five of them are absolutely free, so take your pick, but make the effort. Your heart and health will thank you.


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