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Planning A Secret Get-Away

pShhhh… the kids can’t know. Other than Petya, he’s the oldest and most mature, so he knows everything, lol. The others? Not so much.

I’m planning a secret get-away, a short excursion not for me, not for us as the parents, but for the kids. So they know they’re doing something and it’s going to be cold and they need to pack pwarm clothes— hats, gloves, snowsuits, boots, toiletries, sleeping bags….

Sleeping bags?!

I try to throw them off the scent. Like maybe we’ll be camping in a tent in the mountains in the dead of winter, haha. But it’s not like we’re going to Miami, either. They really will need cold weather clothes, however, I don’t give them many specifics.


I know this crew. They would obsess. They would talk about it non-stop, meaning, for a two-day getaway we might have two months of wasted time and high drama. So I still try to keep their world small (on an international scale, lol) and tight and ask them to trust Mama.

It works. We have relative peace and calm, while they pack clothes of their pchoosing within the proper parameters.

Can I give you details? I would love to, but as they say, then I would have to shoot you.

Here’s hoping we make it through the next week… until departure time…!


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