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Plantation Archaeology

IMG_3447I am in residence this week at an historic plantation with a tremendous archaeology program. The quiet grounds spread before us, over 2,000 acres in the rolling countryside.

For the first time since college, I have roommates— two other tremendous ladies when there should be five in our room. We get along so well and feel so blessed to IMG_3448have a semi-spacious communal situation, if that’s not a contradiction in terms!

It’s about 100 degrees in the sun and close to that in the shade. Hot and humid, but so far, no rain. And we do often work in rain. Light rain, no thunder and lightning.

IMG_3445In any event, it’s been an experience. I feel like I’m living in a sorority or frat house, minus the noise. Everyone’s been great.

Yes, I have blisters, but as they say, we signed up for it-!

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