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Playing By the Rules in Life

crWhat goes around, comes around. Stated a bit more elegantly: whatever you sow (plant), you reap. It’s a Biblical principle that some think of as karma in Buddhism and Hinduism, but technically that has to do with reincarnation and the sum of a person’s actions impacting their fate in future existences.

Personally, I think we have enough on our plates right here and right now….

All but those in the most comatose states of consciousness recognize that the world has become more shrill, ugly and argumentative in general. And because so many have been hitting the brunch buffet instead of Sunday school, they don’t accept the fact that there are rules in life.

You know, things like the Ten Commandments where coveting more than you already have, or crrunning around with multiple partners, or telling lies about other people is going to end up backfiring on you. It’s like winding up a boomerang that’s going to eventually smack YOU upside the head-!

You never even see it coming.

There’s a rule that’s called the Golden Rule that Jesus referenced: Do to others as you would have them do to you.

Talk about making the world a kinder, gentler place-! Is that how you live your life?

As with anything— a sport, a career, a romance— you don’t “have” to play by the rules. Yet, the rules exist. Consequences are set in motion when they’re broken.

crA poor self-image means that some feel the playing field to be perpetually stacked against them. It’s the ice skater who justifies whacking the other skater’s legs, or the kayaker who laces the competitor’s drink with steroids. They are so intimated by life’s expectations that paranoia causes them to lash out at any perceived threats, rather than just taking responsibility for their own situation.


Think of children who cheat at sports. They imagine that no one is watching.

Think of those who cheat on friends. They believe that speaking ill of another will never catch up crwith them.

Think of employees who cheat on a business. They are supposed to be selling their product while really recommending something else.

Dishonesty and a “me first” attitude will do you in.

Carrying yourself with character creates opportunities… like cream rising to the top.


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