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Positive Peer Pressure

positiveparentingforteensHow do we keep our kids on the straight and narrow in this day and age, you ask? Carefully, very carefully.

In a nutshell, we limit their access to everything.

The goal is to keep them safe until they can make wise decisions for themselves. Do we ever let them mess-up? Only every day.

However, major mess-ups are best to be avoided: run-ins with the law, pregnancy and STDs, dangerous accidents and dangerous friends. By exposing the teens primarily to positive peer pressure, it makes our job as parents that much easier.

How do we limit their exposure to a bunch of negatives? Very few thelectronics—from phones, to internet, to TV.   Very few friends with negative values—different is okay, but someone who is going to bring you down is not. Very few opportunities to make the wrong decisions.

Protective, yes. Paranoid, no. Realistic without being reactionary.

We surround them with positive role models and positive peer pressure—good people, good movies.

The other day, we watched a documentary about the Lost Boys of Sudan and so much of their life story resonated with our thkids. We’ve viewed films where the protagonist kids don’t understand that their “friends” are using them, and our teens can’t believe how the characters could be tricked like that. Family and congregational adults also provide great sounding boards and good examples, laughing and commiserating about the ups and downs of life.

The fact is, kids will become like what they’re around. Keep it positive, and a good bit of your work will already be done for you.


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