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Praying for You

IceStormHawksvilleWe interrupt this perfectly lovely weekend when storms are raging across the U.S. to let you know:  “I’m praying for you.”  That’s not as in “you-need-prayer-and-I-don’t”, but more like “we-all-need-prayer-and-I’m-thinking-of-you”.

You might be in a snow storm, or an approaching snow storm.  You could be going through another storm of life, such as a health struggle, financial trials due to the economy, or a strain in threlationships.

Faith will help you overcome.  God cares for you first and foremost, and then there are the others of us willing to pull you through to victory, as well.

Just wanted to let you know.You’re not alone!”  You’re going to come out on top.


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