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Preparing for Camp

Later this summer, all of our children will be attending one week of overnight camp.  This is a big deal and thus, we’ve been making preparations.

“Everyone make a list of what you want to take to camp,” I instruct one day, probably about a year or two in advance, knowing myself.

“Like what?” asks Pasha.

“Oh, I don’t know—socks, underwear, clothes, pajamas, what kinds of shoes, bathing suit…” I suggest.

“DEODORANT,” intones Benedetto.

“Thank you,” I reply.  “Deodorant,” I reiterate.

“Mama-!” exclaims little Sashenka, almost 12.

“Hey, if the shoe fits—.”

“Vhat shoe?” Pasha wonders.

“Exactly my point.  Make a list.”

So the kids get busy, each making ridiculous lists like sequinned tops and gold glittery shoes.  Not that they possess such items, but probably this is what they would take to camp if they could.  Which is why we have not sent them to camp to date.  Except for Petya, Mr. Maturity.

“I don’t want to babysit,” he confides in me.

“Welcome to my world.  I totally understand,” I tell him.  “Kids, do not bug Petya at camp, okay?”

“I will follow him everywhere and spy on him!” Sashenka warms to the idea.

“What else is new?” I ask.  “Everyone pack bug spray and sunscreen.  Put the sunscreen on the part of your arms facing up, and bug spray on the inside of your wrists, and around your ankles.  Keep in mind that spraying one on top of the other cancels out its effectiveness.”

“Shtoh?” (What?) Pasha is confused.

“Don’t use them both together, capisce?”


“Is everyone going to remember to brush their teeth while you’re away from me?” I interrogate them.  “Chapstick?”

“Yes, Mama,” they say what I want to hear.

“If the dentist bill goes up, there’s no camp next year,” I warn.

For now, since they haven’t been to camp, this is a real threat.  Their few ideas of summer sleep-away camp include “The Parent Trap” and similar fare:  fun, fun, and more fun.

May it turn out to be so.

“Mama, for six days of camp, how many socks should I take?” Pasha wonders.

Scratching my head, I note that it has something to do with square roots and the Theory of Relativity.

“Probably four and a half won’t do….  I think six pairs should be fine,” I conclude after scribbling furiously on his list, similar to the Wizard of Oz making a big to-do behind his curtain.  “As long as they don’t have holes.”

“Horoshoh,” (Good), he nods, and we’re well on our way, Sashenka hot on the heels of Petya, Mashenka intent on making new friends, and Pasha trying to remember what he packed so he’ll arrive back home with at least half of it.



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  1. avatar Sybil says:

    Despite your best efforts, they will probably wear the same thing almost everyday, not brush or floss, not wash their hair except when the counselors insist and have the time of their lives. And certainly not change their sox. Anyway, I sure hope they have the most fun ever!

    • avatar admin says:

      You’re probably right, Sybil. I will try my hardest to reverse the trend and monitor them by camp webcams, lol. Maybe I’ll put homework in their bags, too, hah hah! 🙂

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