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Preparing for Papa’s Roadtrip

bmw-335i-xdrive-2012-carBenedetto must go away for a day to tend to some business. Problem is, he leaves after addressing an evening meeting, drives all night, tends to his matters the next morning, and then drives back. As any family would worry about an overworked loved one, we try to see that he gets as much sleep as possible to be ready for the trip.

The children and I prepare a small care bag to accompany him in the car.

“What does Papa need?” I ask the teens.cds

“CDs,” they reply.

“Check,” I acknowledge. “He also has downloaded lectures on his phone. He will have good company.”

“Cookies and candy,” they suggest.

th“Papa doesn’t eat that kind of stuff,” I shake my head.

“He does when you’re not there. And besides, we must keep him awake,” they reveal.

“In that case,” I smile and acquiesce. “Check, check. How about a bottled Frappuccino? All Starbucks will be closed.”slim-jim

“Ooh, yes!” the kids enthuse. “And paper napkins in case he wants to eat something. Don’t forget those small energy drinks and a cord to charge his phone.”

We gather the supplies.

Sashenka remembers one last item, “A Slim Jim!” she thinks of the stick-like smoked sausage in need of no refrigeration.

There’s nothing like family to rally and make stressful times simpler, Slim Jims and all.


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