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Prepping for 100 Potential Family Questions

family-gatheringPart II of family gatherings, lol. The questions, the questions. The comments, oy, the comments! These are the items that would test the patience of Job.

You get together with extended family and the inquiring minds start up. Be prepared, people, but recognize that, with a new generation, much of the prying and prodding hopefully went the way of dinosaurs. Still, it’s good to be ready, just in case. The holidays cometh.

It could go something like this:family-gathering

-Wow, you look so cute in that outfit! I never imagined you to be a fashionable type.

-Something’s different about you since we last met. Have you gained a lot of weight?

-Where are you working these days? Oh, no job or career, yet?

-How are the children doing? I heard they’re a handful….

family-catherings-Are you still in touch with your ex?

-What are you going to major in at college? No college plans, you say? Are you planning to live at home until you’re 40?

You get the idea? It’s brutal, but it’s family. If they’re on their best behavior, you’ll love them. If not, you’ll still love them and then send them back home.

The holidays are coming. Be happy and do your prep work!


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