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Prepping for a Faraway Lecture

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Am I prepping? No. Well, actually, I am prepping to speak tonight, but that’s another matter. My husband and eldest son should be attending a lecture that I told them about. Who knows if either one wants to attend it, but they’re going, either to humor me or to get me off their back….

So I text my son in another city. I’ve asked him a few times to read up on the Ph.D presenter and on the topic. He’s been busy.

Haven’t we all.

“So what’s the topic?” I ask.

“No idea.”th

“Well, don’t rush or anything. It’s not like you’re walking in the door just yet.”

“I’ll look it up.”

“Good idea.”

He comes up with the title. I’m not impressed.

“Didn’t you get the newsletter?”

“What newsletter?”

bigstockphoto_Research_5515840“Count to 3… it’s coming your way.”


“No prob. Read it, and have your father read it. This is the way we get to ask intelligent questions. Your goal at this lecture is to learn something and to stand out in the crowd. Contacts are important in life.”

“I know, Mama. Thanks.”

He disappears from text-world to learn about the obscure topic. The speaker is one of the best in the field and I wish I could be there. You don’t often get enthusiastic and entertaining talks….

Back comes a screen shot.research2

“Here’s what it’s about.”

I don’t believe it.  He’s taken a photo of the newsletter on his computer screen and texts it to me.  This is what two days away from me does.

“Yes, I KNOW that’s what it’s about – I want for YOU to understand the topic. Can you fit that into one sentence or so? A summation?”

I get back his text: “Oh man, U making me work.”

Ah…. Just so that they they know, whether I’m there or not, my arm has a long reach….


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