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Prepping for Summer Positions

crIt’s that time of year, the kids getting ready for summer, if not year-round jobs. Yes, it’s April and if high school or college students wait until May or June, forget about it! Nothing will be left in terms of positions and you will be a jobless teen or twenty-something.

Swoop in Mother Goose to light a fire under these kids!

We find a few possibilities and discuss them. Coming from Russian backgrounds, my sons and daughters have English abilities that are great now, years down the road. Yet, when under stress, a word or two may elude them. They also need to remember to speak clearly and enunciate.

So we practice.

“Good morning,” I start.cr

“Good morning, I’m here for a job,” they try.

“No, no, no…” I shake my head. “What happened to, ‘How are you?’”

“Oh, is that important?” they wonder.

“Only if you want the job….”

We practice greetings, responses, run-throughs in case a manager wants to try them out somewhere for all of five minutes.

cr“Mama-!” they laugh, so nervous they wouldn’t remember their own name at this point.

Their brother decides to drive them here, there and everywhere to check out jobs that generally have online applications. Without a tremendous amount of experience, they tend to present better in person.

Some end up with immediate interviews, their brother sometimes included in the conversation, putting everyone at ease. Some receive business cards of managers to follow-up with, and some fill out applications.

It’s a banner day.

More calls for interviews, a call to show-up for on-the-job training, and more.

A little prep work went a long way.

Do you help your kids prep for summer jobs?


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