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President Putin Walking in King Herod’s Footsteps

King-Herod-300x300After our discussions last week about President Putin’s desire to ban the adoption of Russian children by Americans, I’m seeing more and more parallels between him and the infamous King Herod.  The power trip, the paranoia, the ill-regard for the populace….

The slaughter of the innocents.

Surely if Putin signs the anti-adoption bill into law, it will result in the deaths of thousands of children who are going to age-out of the system, and end up on the streets, or commit suicide, when they could have been adopted and had a loving family of their own.

Both Putin and Herod are known for their brutality, and one can only imagine that if putinthe Holy Land ever had a KGB, that Herod would have headed it.  Due to his paranoia, Herod banished his first wife and son, then killed one of his ten wives and three of his fourteen children.

Today, not many are paying attention, but Putin’s wife, Lyudmila Putina, has only been spotted twice in the last two years.  Some believe that Russia’s missing First Lady has putin-2-ss-662weither been divorced long ago, or been banished to a convent, much like Ivan the Terrible rid himself of wife after wife.  Her very rare public appearances bolster Vladimir Putin’s image, while the public relations team works overtime to keep his young and famous girlfriends out of the public eye.

Likewise, his two daughters, in their mid-20s, are not seen publicly and no family photos of them have ever been released.  Curious?  Careful?

King Herod enjoyed numerous palaces, from Caesarea Maritima, to Masada, to Herodium, to Jerusalem, and more.  The opulence and wealth were his treasured trappings, much as President Putin revels in his access to 20 palaces and villas, a fleet of 58 aircraft, and four  yachts.

So, what finally led to King Herod’s demise?

Chronic kidney disease and genital gangrene.

One can only surmise what might lead to Putin’s passing of power when the time comes.




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  1. avatar Cassandra says:

    Lest we tar all of Russian officialdom with the same brush, it would be good to note that most of the Russian government (not the Presidential or legislative branch, but the executive branch under the Prime Minister) has come out, either privately or publicly, against the law: http://www.forbes.ru/sobytiya/231431-putin-i-deti-kak-zakon-dimy-yakovleva-raskolol-rossiiskoe-rukovodstvo
    Even prominent members of the RPTs, not known for their love for the U.S., have called the law into question, as have deputies in the St.Petersburg city council. Seven federal duma deputies voted against, and one abstained (and all of them were threatened with the loss of their seats).
    So there are humane, reasonable and public-minded officials here…they just don’t happen to be the ones calling the shots. Sigh.

  2. avatar Shelley says:

    What a crying shame. I see that protesters in Moscow’s streets were rounded up and arrested. No human rights abuses there, nah. Does anyone know if those in the process of adoptions will be able to complete them?

    • avatar admin says:

      They seem to have already anticipated that question, Shelley. “Russian children rights ombudsman Pavel Astakhov told the Interfax news agency that 46 children who were about to be adopted by U.S. citizens would stay in Russia if the bill is adopted – despite court rulings in some of these cases authorizing the adoptions.”

      But nobody knows if Putin will take two weeks or two months to sign it into law, so until that time….

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