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Pressing Through Procrastination

procrastinate41I’m on a balanced-time diet and it’s not so simple. Just as it would be easier to eat only one’s favorite food, it’s easier to do what we want, when we want. For now, I need to have no more room for excuses, no tyranny of the urgent sabotaging all else.

So I’m biting the bullet, buckling down, and getting things done. It’s good.

Psychologists inform us that procrastinators may fear success, or failure, so much that they would rather that onlookers thought “they lacked effort rather than ability”. Interesting.

An inability to self-regulate appears to be at the heart of the matter. Stemming from overly-controlling parents, the young person never learns how to act on his own intentions. That’s a powerful observation. Or, conversely, procrastination may be seen as a type of rebellion against overly-controlling situations.

One thing’s for sure: procrastinators either lie to themselves or to others, making up excuses for why they put things off: I willProcrastinate do it tomorrow. Low-level items like checking e-mails are quick and should take precedence over high-level tasks of importance. There’s enough time to do it all.

I don’t want to be that person who uses an avoidant coping style. Since I apparently always have too much to do, I will simply allot time each day to each responsibility, making headway in every area, rather than using one duty to postpone accomplishing the other.

I plan to fully engage… and get the job done. No putting it off, no procrastinating.

How about you?

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