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“Problems” Hold You Back? The Art of Resiliency

flowerMaybe it’s me. I deal with many different kinds of people in regular professions or in volunteer positions. It always amazes me how, when folks have problems, their entire life seems to ground to a halt.

Now, believe me, I understand all about life-threatening illnesses and the time a family member needs to devote to that. But I’m talking about your boyfriend jilting you, the car konking out, maybe a rainy day passing through the area… and the person shuts down. He/she doesn’t come in to work, doesn’t show up at the volunteer project, falls off the face of the earth and doesn’t return your phone calls.


Where is resiliency, the ability to spring back from adversity? How come some can recover from difficulties and possess that type of mental or emotional Growthtoughness, while others do not? In this age of self-help gurus on every street corner, why do large percentages of our population find it challenging to cope with life?

In essence, what builds resiliency and why is it so lacking in our society?

Dr. Al Siebert wrote in his now decade-old, yet still-applicable book, The Resiliency Advantage, that “…highly resilient people are flexible, adapt to new circumstances quickly, and thrive in constant change. Most important, they expect to bounce back and feel confident that they will.”

umbrellaThese are people who cultivate a positive outlook in life, who see negatives from a different perspective than those who just withdraw into their poor-me shells. Resilient folks try to learn something from a terrible situation and still practice kindness in the midst of their own troubling times. These also tend to be individuals who find humor, perhaps not in the tragedy itself, but during it or surrounding it.

Practice a few of these skills today, before the next big bump in the road. Our world could use more resilient folks who can go with the flow while working to make things better.


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