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Public and Private Manners

crA lot of the backlash of horrific sexual harassment allegations tells me that this is a nation of boorish brutes. Where are the mothers of this generation?

Busy, very busy.

Not that it’s all on the moms. Fathers can install a thing or two in their kids. Unfortunately, it’s generally not manners.

Just sayin’.

And what do manners have to do with perverts who prey upon others?

Not too much.

But think about it: being mannerly means treating other people with respect, it means considering crsomebody else’s sensibilities. It means having the same behavior in private toward a friend or co-worker that you would have in public. It means not being two-faced.

Nowadays, there are cameras and listening devices everywhere.

Even if you thought you could get away with abhorrent behavior, something that you would try to deny if it ever saw the light of day… why would you? Common manners would mean putting that other person before yourself. Considering them. Caring for them, rather than yourself.

crA poor self-image, or an inflated ego which feels that everyone owes them something, eventually leads to self-loathing, which then translates into disrespect for others. A lack of respect is demonstrated by poor behavior. It’s a fairly simple causal effect.

Want to stop the bad behavior? Insert manners— thinking of others first— and the self-esteem will follow. You don’t need to feel bad about yourself when you stop letting the door slam in someone else’s face, both literally and figuratively.

Communicating that to every generation is vital— put others first and do them no harm.


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