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Put It On ICE: Cities of Refuge

crMore and more, kids today are messed-up thanks to the lovely role models that their elders and leaders are providing. Case in point: Oakland, California, Mayor Libby Schaaf obstructing justice by issuing a Twitter warning that ICE would soon raid the Bay Area. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement, part of Homeland Security, falls under Federal jurisdiction, while the good mayor thought her local non-law-abiding citizens should have the opportunity to make a run for it.

Naturally, the illegal immigrants in question spanned the range of working folks overstaying their visas and not paying taxes to dangerous criminals who have been deported multiple times and posed a very credible threat to the local population. We’re talking rapists, robbers and murderers.


Read the reports.

Still, ICE was able to arrest more than 150 people in the San Francisco Bay Area, while 864 public crsafety threats “remain at large in the community”.

Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan is working together with the Department of Justice to determine whether or not Mayor Schaaf obstructed justice in enabling criminals to dodge arrest. She claims that Oakland, as a sanctuary city, has a right to warn their criminal constituents.

Now, call me crazy, but I read the Bible. That’s where the whole notion of a sanctuary city comes from. Yesterday, our whole family read Numbers 35 from the Scripture, interesting that it should fall during the same week as this controversy. A city of refuge was intended for someone accidentally committing a crime, that before the inadvertent offender could be lynched and justice taken into the hands of an angry mob, there could be a cooling-off period when the crime might be investigated. Eyewitnesses would be called, etc.

Hardly today’s “sanctuary cities”. Hardly a mayor telling criminals to “run for the hills”.


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