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Putin Threatens to Pull Plug on Gas

indexMost every winter, the story is the same: Russia’s President Vladimir Putin cuts off crucial gas supplies to Ukraine, ensuring that they freeze for a month or two and are able to remember who butters their black bread.

This year, the story is changing. Putin is threatening Western Europe’s gas supplies as sanctions against him continue.

Well, well, well. The strong arm of the former KGB head honcho is Russian President Putin and top EU officials meet for trust-building summitflexing.

European Union leaders are meeting with Putinsky to tell him buttinsky out of Ukraine. All of this follows close on the heels of Putin mentioning the possibility of “major transit difficulties” in getting Russian gas to Western Europe this winter.

Just sayin’, comrade.

It’s not enough to pull the plug on Ukraine’s gas, to invade them People in Ukraine 19and now have tens of thousands of folks in Crimea displaced, without homes, jobs, or food. Putin is turning his narrowing eyes on Western Europe, placing them square in his crosshairs.

A long, cold winter awaits.


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  1. avatar rusmom says:

    NATO states that that Russian troops have not been withdrawng from Ukraine despite their claims otherwise. Who’s going to rein in Putin?

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