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Putin’s Propaganda Trolls

putinRumors have abounded for years. Putin pays people to like him and his government. If you can’t win friends the legitimate way…. Hopefully, his government is paying these social media whizzes, a few that have tried to comment on this humble blog, because the Russian president needs to protect his own private net worth estimated to be in the $70 billion range.

There’s only so much to go around.

What’s brought things public is one former troll, Lyudmila Savchuk of St. Petersburg, Russia,

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) researchers use advanced modeling and simulation equipment as they work on the DHS Control Systems Security Program (CSSP) in this handout photo taken April 28, 2010 at the Idaho National Laboratory in Idaho Falls, Idaho. REUTERS/Chris Morgan/Idaho National Laboratory

bringing suit against the company, Internet Research, which worked their IT employees without proper contracts. According to various reports, rooms full of Russian computer geeks would manage social media accounts, some writing numerous blog posts every day along the lines of well-crafted talking points put out by Kremlin cronies, while others flooded the internet with a multitude of comments designed to show the righteousness of Russia and the utter evil of nations ranging from America to Ukraine.

pro_russiaIt continues to this day in several of Russia’s larger cities and pays good wages, by Russian standards, to those willing to be part of Putin’s propaganda machine. They slam foreign countries, opposition politicians, and other cultures. They praise Putin, his party, and his programs.

Pretty straightforward.

Said to have originated after the Orange Revolution of 2005 in Ukraine when protesters contested ththe presidential election outcome, the pro-Kremlin bloggers and commentators were one response. Often operating on mainstream Russian media sites, they even credit themselves with creating news items out of thin air.

If enough people are saying it, it must be true.

Which brings us right back to the realization that there’s no need for pravda when you can have Putin’s propaganda machine creating a reality all their own.


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