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Quick & Easy Skills That Are Important to Learn

bookWhile perusing a really cool article from www.lifehack.org, I found some very basic skills that I really need to learn. Never mind the lack of time, I think I can do these. One day.

Just not one day soon.

But the surprising thing is, some of them actually intrigue me. I guess they appeal to Spanishthe lifelong learner in me, lol. Specifically, I am referring to: speed reading, Spanish, accounting and Microsoft Excel. I already know about video editing, public speaking, blogging and a few other things tossed in for good measure. All of the topics are said to be easy to learn— under six months for a modicum of proficiency which will hopefully alter one’s life forever.

Due to the fact that I speak a number of foreign languages, I have never felt the urge to speak Spanish. I figure that all of the Spanish speakers among us, now approximately 30% of the US population, need to learn English-! Yet, I could see where it may be helpful.

microsoft-excel1Living in an Apple family, Microsoft is nothing I’ve particularly needed, either. However, some basic accounting skills, along with the ability to produce a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, might be beneficial….

And speed reading? For sure. I have stacks of readings I must devour each day. Being able to breeze my way through them, of course with a decent retention rate, would be marvelous.

As with most of us, the necessity of learning any of these does not outweigh my lack of time. But one day… one day….

Armed with free web sites and enough reasons, what’s to old us back from adding to our arsenal of helpful everyday skills? Are you in?


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