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Quoits, Croquet and Bocce

beachI am not a snob, really, I’m not. However, as summer swings into high gear, all I can picture is a gathering on the beach, men in khaki pants and white shirts, ladies in white linen tea-length-or-longer dresses and sunhats, playing lawn games.

And sipping lemonade.

By the seaside.

On a grassy lawn.

What are lawn games, you might ask? Or which lawn games, in particular?playing_deck_quoits___ruth_armstrong

I’m glad you asked. I’m having a hankering for quoits, croquet and bocce. They just seem right. Civil. Genteel. I grew up with quoits and croquet. Bocce was Benedetto’s side of the family.

For those who don’t know, quoits involve rings of metal, rope or rubber thrown over an upright post. We always had rubber rings over wooden posts. No noise. It necessitated throwing the ring in a similar way to a frisbee in order for it to travel a distance and catch the hook rising from the ground.

women-playing-croquetCroquet is a game played on a lawn, where colored wooden balls are driven through a series of wickets or small arches by means of mallets. The game may include hitting someone else’s ball out of the way (indirectly, of course). Hauling off and smashing someone else’s ball would not be genteel. Sniff.

Bocce comes from our Italian side of the family, namely, Benedetto’s side. It’s an Italian variety of lawn bowling played on a dirt court. Usually, the large metal balls are thrown high and underhand to get them to travel a distance… but then stop dead.

It’s addictive.

All of the above are calming and quiet summer activities and allow for the enjoyment of players and



onlookers alike. Although I love playing very active sports like tennis and soccer, sports where one burns off excess energy, quoits, croquet and bocce have a rhythm and respite all their own.

See you seaside this afternoon at 4:00 pm.


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