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Rain, Rain, Go Away

bildeThere is such a thing as too much rain.  I think we’re almost there on America’s East Coast.  With Tropical Storm Andrea rolling through, there are high winds, but predominantly, heavy rains.  Even for farmers, enough is enough, as all next week looks like it will be rainy, too.

In South Georgia, farmers growing wheat, peanuts, and cotton are concerned.  It’s difficult to get equipment into the field to harvest wheat and spray pecans.

In North Carolina the remaining strawberry and wheat harvests will probably be lost.  Some schools along the coast are closed for their last half-day, which has been moved to Monday.  Tornado warnings are spreading from south to north.

The rain and winds are pushing up toward DC, New York, and Boston later today.  Stay off the roads, if you can.Andrea Evans Pulls Shawn Chanutin on a skimboard along a flooded ditch

Not to mention that this “minimal tropical storm” is threatening to mess up my day.  I had planned to take the girls out to lunch for no good reason, simply a bonding, “girls’ day out” type of thing, which now I wonder if it’s worth it with the gusting winds and steady bands of rain.  Tomorrow should be the one break in the weather, but whether they’ll want to postpone is anyone’s guess.

You never know.  Maybe around lunchtime, the rains will let up, the sun will shine, and the angels will sing.  The girls are the kind who would enjoy a gourmet burger, rain or shine.  So we shall see.

How’s everything in your neck of the woods?



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