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Rapid Resume Prep Reprieve

thI have not needed a resume in about the last two decades. My work speaks for itself in the kind of work I do and I’m basically the boss… so there.

When my 19-year-old son said that he put my name in for a top position at the office where he has interned since age 15, I blanched, but his sweet words, “Mama, you’ve got this,” got me going. Happily, upon further investigations on his part, the “Have-her-submit-a-resume-and-point-to-some-examples-of-her-work” turned to “The-key-people-will-be-out-of-the-office-for-the-next-month-or-so… no hurry.”

Ahhh… disaster averted.

But it’s interesting. The same day he came home with his earth-shattering news, I had bought a new thbriefcase. I guess I figured that the laptop in a brown paper bag wouldn’t do anymore. Joking, but you know what I mean. Plus, recently, out of curiosity, and friends asking me to look over their mid-life resumes, I’ve tapped into some training sites that talk about resume preparation. That seems like a convergence of signs from above….

Which means I’ve learned about resumes one major point:  old-style is out. Who knew? Apparently not me. Many of the executive level resumes that I see, don’t know about it, either. Perhaps that’s why they ask me to take a look at it for them?

144564033Gone are “Objectives”, and instead, applicants should tailor each resume toward each specific position for which they are applying and address the needs of their future employer. In other words, write the position they’re applying for almost as their current position title, right under their name and contact info, leaning heavily toward descriptions bolstering that desired role. In that way, if the resume becomes separated from the cover letter, the employer immediately knows which position is being targeted.

The newer-style, high-tech, executive resume also uses achievement-driven language rather than relying on simple descriptions of what they did: size and scope, accomplishments among a staff of how many, processes streamlined, increased revenue by a specific dollar amount or percentage, etc. Out with the broad and unfocused Curriculum Vitae and in with the laser-specific language.

I like it. It makes sense.

Another new idea for me: subtle borders, color or shading. Maybe I’m in an ultra-conservative field, but submitting-docs-e1406662649177this looks odd, if you ask me. Yet, it does stand out. And considering that most recruiters spend about six seconds average on glancing at your fact sheet, that could buy you a second glance. I compromise with a couple of horizontal lines and a more modern, sans-serif typeface, feeling quite risqué.

But at least I have time. So much to juggle. Not to mention LinkedIn. Yikes. Yet another thing. Is it for me? Could be. Is it for my son? Most definitely.

I don’t want him to see me blink when opportunity comes my way.


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