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Raspberry-Poaching Pooches

I wondered if our Scottish Terriers might have a type of irritable bowel syndrome, constantly crying to go outside.  If they had their way, they would disappear into the backyard every five minutes.  I was puzzled at our pups’ behavior, until my kids decided to enlighten me.

“They’re raspberry hunting, Mama!” Sashenka told me, coming inside with a big bowl of fruit that she had just picked.

Aha.  The bushes were low lying.  For any berries higher-up on the bushes, the ingenious blackbeards simply stood on their hind legs.  By the end of the day, Misha could barely run back up the wrought iron back stairway into the house.  He was exhausted.

I wondered if fruit was a good idea for the little guys.  Dogs could get diarrhea, right?  But we’d have to be quick to get outside each day before they grabbed and gobbled them first.  I spotted them by the bushes, stalking and spying out the juiciest offerings.

“Misha!  Grisha!  NO!  Come inside!  Do you want a TREAT?” I used the magic word, but alas, they already had their own magic elixir berries.

Misha and Grisha never discussed with me how they liked their berries best.  Perhaps if they could, they would have raspberries and cream, or raspberries with their Greek yogurt, or raspberry cobbler….  These were complex canines, living a secret life swiping raspberries.

At least they were sleeping well at night, these days.



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