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Ready for the Rope Braid

Rope-Braid-My hair falls just below shoulder length. And I don’t have a long neck. So that gives me a bit of hair to work with, but not too much.

A new look has caught my attention and may be great for spring or summer if the hair gets any longer because it requires some length. It’s called the rope braid.

Here’s how it works:

Pull hair into a ponytail and rubberband. Divide into two sections and twist each counterclockwise from top to bottom.

Once you have your two long sausages (don’t let indexgo, or the twist unravels!), take the two pieces and create the braid by crossing one over the other, this time in a clockwise fashion.

Are you getting this? First counterclockwise with the two twists, then begin the braid with a clockwise motion. When you reach the bottom, rubberband again.

It results in a really pretty, rope-like braid.

With some layers in my hair, I’m not sure how it will turn out, but the next time I have two minutes to play around with, I think I’m going to try the rope braid….


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