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Real Housewives-?!

If ever you’re up late at night and your remote control lands you smack on the Real Housewives of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, I feel sorry for you.  I felt sorry for myself when that happened the other day.

Real housewives-?!  I would imagine these are semi-real people, I mean, in a sense they’re actresses, whether real or imagined, who are being paid for their efforts.  As far as housewives, not many can hold onto a mate for very long, but maybe they own or rent a house….

I have never in my life observed women acting in such juvenile and outrageous manners.  Maybe that’s the point.  Every other word appears to be bleeped-out as women scream, yell, rant and rave at each other.  They’re more juvenile than a junior high clique.  And that’s pretty juvenile.

That’s what happens when people:  a) drink too much;  b) have too much time and/or money on their hands;  c) constantly talk behind other people’s backs; and  d) drink too much.  These are a bunch of alcoholics who need some rehab a.s.a.p., in my opinion.  They are hurtful, and hateful, and horrific, and I have a hard time believing that women can be that way naturally, without some kind of artificial enhancement.

Speaking of enhancement, maybe these housewives are entirely fake, from their friendships to their body parts.  Nobody in their right mind acts like this.  Nobody.  It’s all straight out of Central Casting.  They go out to lunch and drink.  They go on a girls-only getaway and drink.  They get together for the holidays and drink.  They hang out as couples and drink. They go out for drinks… and drink.  The drinking is only topped by the foul language, intrigue, and cat fights.

The specific city doesn’t matter, the precise personalities don’t matter.  It’s all basically the same—the single “friends”, the married “friends”, the businesswoman, the charity do-gooder, the one with a tragic past or current challenge.  Talk about formulaic.

If all of the negative character traits may be so easily scripted, why not honesty, and kindness, and faithfulness?  I know, I know, it’s too “out there” for your average viewing audience.  Nobody would ever believe it.



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