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Real-Life Russian Reality Story

I’ve always asserted that reality is far more interesting than fiction and there’s a story from Siberia that confirms my suspicions.  The saga comprises such a strange and other-worldly scenario as to almost be unbelievable. It was while researching another matter entirely that I learned of this story.

Carried by the Smithsonian magazine last year, it’s the narrative of a family of six, cut-off from human contact for over 40 years.  Barely surviving in the Siberian wild, these were Old Believers who fled from the religious intolerance of the Soviet era.

the-lykovs_4Found by Soviet geologists in 1978, the Lykov family had penetrated the taiga so deeply that, their youngest children, now middle-aged upon discovery, had never seen another human being outside of their own family members.  Their clothes tattered, their two metal teapots rusted through and unusable, the mother had died from starvation and the rest foraged and tried to plant as much as possible during the brief Siberian summer.

They had lived on the edge for decades.post-116-0-60154500-1390480274

The Lykovs knew nothing of modern life, never heard of the Second World War, or a man landing on the moon.  Even the geologists’ appearance spooked the rather primitive people.

You have to read the story.  Both shocking and moving, the prose is, in many ways, poetic.



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  1. avatar Leah says:

    Pretty fascinating story! How they could survive for decades in such an unwelcoming environment is really beyond my comprehension.

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