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Reality Shows I’d Like to See

LG-Flatscreen-TV-TVWe all know the winning combo of winning reality shows on TV: Big characters. One-of-a-kind personalities. Access to places or situations we would otherwise not see.

But that’s where our ways part. Recently, many reality shows have gone down the freak show pathway. The more bizarre and outlandish they are, the better, it seems. I’d like to propose and pitch a few show ideas of my own, so normal and mainstream as to make them… outlandish. Here they are….

1. Grandmas Speak. Move over, Mary Poppins. A grandmother has more wisdom in her little finger grandmathan in all the mindless chatter of an army of wanna-bes. Get those grandmas together with young people, whether in a family, in an office, at an old folks’ home… and let them hold forth on whatever topic pops up: age, beauty, support hose, saving for the future, gardening and canning, what’s important in life, old lady mustaches, you name it. Riveting. You heard it here, first.

2. Taming the Teens. I’m not talking about teens who live a life of privilege, nor those in the throes of poverty.   How about some ordinary, run-of-the-mill teens trying to combine their present, their future, their schooling, their part-time jobs, their friends. How do you teach them values and self-worth, respect for others and hard work? These kids would not be bullimic, bullies, nor parent-bashers. Nothing speaks drama like teens, right? No need to put them in a group home… the family home should be challenging enough.

Funny Pets Wallpapers 23. Young Professional Families. Show us how it works. Can you make time for a professional career… and a real life? Where do the kids fit? Date night? Crazy clients or schedules? When push comes to shove, or the schedule breaks down… then what?

4. Pets and Their Secret Lives. They do have secret lives, you know? I mean, when you go out, even if you put them in a crate, they’re going to be up to something. Definitely when you go to bed, they pretend like they’re sleeping, too, but they’re generally either pushing you off of your bed, or stealing your covers. If not that, then they’re running all around the house during the night, because they sleep during the day. Hasn’t it ever dawned on you: that’s why they sleep all day?

And more. I can’t give away all of my ideas because that’s how I get paid the big bucks, to be the idea machine. However, “real reality” with normal people may be an idea whose time has come. Let’s hope the producers are listening.


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