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Reinventing One’s Life

Extreme-Makeover-KacieFaceChannel surfing late at night while working on other projects, I come across “The Family Man” with Nicolas Cage and Tea Leoni, the sort of modern take on “It’s a Wonderful Life”.  Investment banker Jack explores what life might have been like if he had wed his college sweetheart.

For me, it wasn’t much of a stretch, the story.  Every day, we have the ability to reinvent ourselves, but few of us take the road less traveled.

This week, I start a new life.  Okay, a mini new life.  A bit of a lifestyle lunge, or plunge.  As though our lifestyle of shuttling back and forth between two houses and two cities is not crazy enough, now we add a twist.

My oldest has been recruited to play on the varsity tennis team of a local high school, a dream, a hope, a prayer of Susan-Boyle-makeover bobhis for some time.  Never mind that he jets around the world, he wants to be a regular kid, one of the guys, and ride a school bus to away games, and hopefully shine at the home games.

Why not?  we say.  He deserves it.  He’s good as gold and never given us a moment’s grief. Well, maybe one mistake or two….  Home from Russia at almost eight and currently double that, he’s my first-born, my little man and my big man, all rolled into one.  I figure he deserves me to leap from merry-go-round to merry-go-round, to make it happen, no matter the grueling schedule that we will now undertake, with a couple of days a week away from the rest of the family.  I would imagine that being with the rest of them 24/7 makes up for that.  Nut case that I am, I will Skype in with spelling tests and reading favorite stories from adventure books and good mornings and good nights.  We will carry on, while fully reinventing ourselves.

tennisThere are times and seasons when certain children need certain things.  There are times when we adults need certain things.  Tending to the more urgent need not mean that the rest is not important.  It’s simply a shift, a paradigm shift.

Call it a transformation, a metamorphosis, or a revolution in one’s raison d’etre.  Every minute of any day, we can assess, adapt, and embrace a new life.  Why languish in the  mediocre, same-old, same-old, when a mysterious sort of marvelous moves in on the horizon?



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