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Reluctant to Resolve?

resolveI know, I know, it’s that time of year again— goals, resolutions, aims— and you’re skittish. I understand. What’s the point of dreaming and thinking and planning, if come next December, you’re right back in the same boat?

You’re reluctant to resolve. You see no earthly reason to make big plans and then not have the time nor motivation to follow-through except upon occasion. Your get-up-and-go has got-up-and-gone.

I get it.

So how to stay motivated?

Ask yourself: do you respond better to the carrot or the stick? And then put those incentives in place.resolutions

For instance, if you tend to be nasty or neglectful toward your mate: Can you envision a fantastic marriage, full of love and happy times (the carrot)? Or, conversely, do you respond better to envisioning the idea of that once-loved-one leaving because of your abuse (the stick)?

Is it the positive or the negative scenario which inspires you to lasting change? Keep that image before you.

resolutionsMake workable steps that anyone can do and then check them off when accomplished. You are your own best accountability partner. This does not depend on anyone else.

Look in the mirror. There stands a powerful person. No one else can hold you back. No one else can beat you down.

Rise up and face the new year with resolution and joy. Opportunity calls.


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