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Remarks & Repercussions of the Russian Anti-Orphan Law

Sochi_1809492bIn an op-ed piece written by James Brooke, Moscow Bureau Chief of Voice of America, one sentence in particular resonated with me, referring to Moscow’s “March Against Scoundrels” protest of at least 25,000 hitting the streets:  “In contrast to earlier demonstrations, the majority of protesters against the adoptions law were not the ‘creative class,’ but ordinary moms and dads, grandmothers and grandfathers.”

And that’s exactly what’s repeatedly occurred around our family as friends and acquaintances registered their disgust over Putin using the orphans as political pawns.

“Swine!” the grandmotherly Russian dental hygienist told our kids in Russian, as they were there recently for a check-up.  49497-olympic-image1“Who could do such a thing and live with himself?  What kind of animal is he?”

Others in the office came by to offer their condolences to the children, teens who only knew too well that the new law was a death sentence for comrades their age, back in the orphanages.

“I’m so sorry,” they murmured.  “It’s not right, is it?  What are these Russian leaders thinking?  Emigration will pick up as never before.”

I told you of the groom, a domestic adoptee himself, married on Friday, December 28th, as we headed toward their afternoon reception.

“Putin signed the law,” he whispered in my ear, in case our kids didn’t know, yet.  “He signed the law.”

sochi_protest_frntThat a grown man, with grown children, finally after decades was marrying his highschool sweetheart, and taking time to comment about such a scoundrel as Putin, impressed me.  The average person cared.  These were not politicos, nor any of the usual powerbrokers inside the Beltway who always had plenty to say on such topics.  These were regular people who were outraged, Americans and Russians alike.

Not to mention adoptive parents who had to deal with the scoundrels’ shrapnel.  Let the Duma make their Divine Declarations, and not only the orphans in Russia would suffer, but the Russian-American adoptees, too, who believe that someway, somehow, Putin’s henchmen will come in the dark of night to take them home to Mommy Dearest Russia.

Nightmares.  Anxiety.  Bedwetting.  Nailchewing.  You can’t shield little ears from the news forever.  Talk about a public relations nightmare.  This is going to bite Putin in the popah.  There are only so many older, rural, uneducated peasants to drink the tainted Kvass Koolaid.  The next generation, both inside and outside Russia, will argue for an orphan’s right to a family.  The Dikta’tor’s Decrees are serving to shape an entire demographic who believe their homeland’s leaders to be despicable.

As with any troubled country beset by many internal problems, an outside enemy must be found and focused upon.  Mr.49739-olympic-image1 Brooke gets it right again by revealing that Russia’s demographic decline happened, not due to the miniscule 60,000 adoptions to American over the past 20 years, but instead, the Russian baby shortage following Communism’s chaotic collapse in 1991, along with 5 million Russian emigres, and 20 million Russian abortions over the same period of time.

Keep it up, President Putin, stay behind the curtain in your Kremlin Land of Oz and pull those levers for all you’re worth.  But you can’t fool all of the people, all of the time.  Keep up the chaos and Russians will decide not to bring children into the crazed world that you’ve created.  And the children that are already here will resent you and seek to exact their own form of revenge.

Keep in mind that February 2014 brings the Sochi Winter Olympics.  With all of these human rights abuses, not to mention many abuses surrounding land illegally being appropriated for the venue, migrant construction workers going unpaid, and other issues arising in Sochi, it may be time to “Just Say No”.

The rest of the world can mete out repercussions, as well, if that’s the language that President Putin wants to speak.  Let him sit in the snow at the Sochi Olympics all by himself.



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  1. avatar Sybil says:

    Oh man, you can write! This was a fabulous piece Alexandra. Thank you.
    I hadn’t connected the Sochi Winter Olympics as a club to hit Putin over the head with, but it’s a heck of an idea, but a huge sacrifice for the athletes. However the mental image of Putin sitting in the snow by himself is delightful. It’t going to be a cold winter for him with his bitten popah and tainted Koolaid.

    • avatar admin says:

      Lol, Sybil, thanks. I just put it all together, myself-! As in “Wait a minute….” If the athletes want to go, I totally understand, but I know tons of a-parents who were (before all this) discussing going. Huh? Nope, nope, nope. Spread the word….

  2. avatar Jeremy says:

    We need to take this blog viral! What a fantastic idea to bow out of the Sochi scene.

  3. avatar Chanamirel says:

    Just say ???.

  4. avatar sarah says:

    Love this post Alexandra! Couldn’t say it better myself. We too will not be going. Have you seen the Facebook page “Orphans without Borders” run by a Russian/American Adoptive teen? My Gracie and Sasha are on the page as is the woman Galina who sends my kids post placements to Russia for our agency. I had no idea she was an adoptee. I knew she was Russian obviously and have known her for years. Our state social worker is notoriously late with the reports so we work together to get the reports on time. Amazing. Please keep the posts coming! Have you heard anything on any boards about what is going on? I am no longer on FRUA as I need to pay dues they say…..living in London it doesn’t seem worth it to pay dues to read a chat board although, it is my favourite topic so maybe I should?

    • avatar admin says:

      Oh, Sarah, isn’t your family darling! I don’t know how to do FB, but I googled it and went right to the page “Orphans without Borders”. Very beautifully done! And Galina is lovely, too! Each photo really captures the child or family. Just beautiful.

      No real news from Russia. The Supreme Court there is deciding what to tell the regional courts re: certain waiting families’ fate. Everything else is conjecture right now. According to the press, a handful have come home, and a handful have not. I’m not on many boards, myself. Pay dues? For a chat board? lol.

      That will be $10, please….

  5. avatar sarah says:

    Yes, I agree I should not need to pay dues to be on the FRUA chat board. Thank you regarding my little guys! My little diva is a real handful as I have written to you before but, they are just so fantastic. The light of my life. It sounds as if you have the same situation going on with your fabulous foursome. Did I mention Sasha is back to his private session and his kindergarten native Russian Lanuage class! I am so happy about it!

    I have no idea what will happen with adoption moving forward but, I couldn’t agree more that Putin needs his foreign scapegoat and the USA seems to be it. Our agency has done major layoffs. So very sad most of all for the kids.

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