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Remember, Pressure Can Be Positive

pressureI know a whole lot of people going through a whole lot of things. The pressure is practically killing them. It’s emotional, intellectual, financial, and spiritual stress. Which is generally just another word for fear.

There are business deals in the balance. A marriage on the rocks. Cars breaking down.  Kids gone awry and astray. A sense of losing one’s bearings in life.

It’s hard, but you don’t want to be hopeless about it. We have to remember: pressure can be positive. Think of a piece of coal that is squeezed into a brilliant diamond. These gems don’t develop on the surface, but deep within the earth where there is pressure. Something negative and pressing caused something positive to result.

In essence, you can become bitter or better.stress

You grow up and face the obstacles rather than run from them. God is not the one causing disease, destruction or dearth in your life. But He is turning it around.

Let the pressure mold you into something powerful today. You’re coming through it!


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