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Removing Snow & Ice From Dog Fur

Dogs and dreadlocks.  Might work for some families, but our Scotties Misha and Grisha prefer unmatted, long and luxurious locks.  So what happens when high adventure and deep snow collide?

Well, first of all, usually a lot of yellow snow ensues.  Grisha the younger loves the winter wonderland so much that he often forgets to do his business while outside, sometimes warming up afterwards to then tinkle inside.

But it’s the beautiful, black fur that concerns me.  If they stay out for more than five minutes, their fur has clumps of ice and snow hanging on for dear life.  Rubbing briskly with a towel does very little.

Enter:  the hair dryer.  While our guys may not admit it outright, they love it when we stand them up on a fluffy towel and blow dry their little bods.  They pose and prance, shimmy and shake, while their fur is fluffed and puffed.  It’s when they want me to clean inbetween their toes that I draw the line.

In no time, the icicles clinging to their beards and underbellies have melted away.  Our abominable snow dogs are back to their usual warm and cuddly selves, and about that time, ready to go out again, if not enjoy a bowl of stew with the rest of the family.

So this is Misha:  being dragged in from snowy playtime and back to normal, his very own “before” and “after”, or “after” and “before”, depending on your perspective of which came first. Which look do you prefer?


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