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Repairing to a Retreat

IMG_3139I am on Cloud Nine. Over the past 24 hours my spirits have been lifted. Benedetto and I have taken a couple of days, time that we normally don’t have, since we can rarely spare two hours, much less two minutes, but we have left on a retreat.

Shhh… quiet… conversation… no kids… some interactive sessions with top speakers. I think of it as an advance, but sometimes in order to progress in life, we must retreat. Get back to basics. Get rid of the fluff. First things first.

Seek the Lord.

We are staying in a facility without television. Just a simple room with a spectacular view of the mountains and top IMG_3140drawer toiletries. Fresh air. Great food. Free cappuccino bar and frozen yogurt.

Others of similar backgrounds are here. Or maybe dissimilar backgrounds but similar current realities. We are seated at round tables of ten for meals and already the couples at ours have bonded.

IMG_3142“See you back at the corner table for breakfast!” they toss in our direction, anxious to continue our discussions the next day.

We could almost complete one another’s sentences. One starts a topic and we don’t even have to go into details, talking in shorthand is enough. We all get it.

We have come to hear from God and He is not silent.

Without His hand in our lives, it’s like a food without seasoning, a story with no plot, a journey to thwarted IMG_3141destinations. But with His presence comes burdens being lifted, joy and refreshing. I have felt almost giddy to be in such an atmosphere.

Sometimes retreat comes before life’s biggest advances.


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