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Research Paper Procrastination

thI must be out of my mind. For some reason I’m in grad school in my spare time.

I have no spare time. I didn’t have any time before, and I certainly don’t have any now. And at this rate, I may emerge from grad school at the age of 105.

Part-time school means that it’s enough to put agrad-school major crimp in my lifestyle, while meaning that it could go on forever… or just feel like it. For some reason, I don’t remember school eating up this much energy.

No, on second thought, I do. I must just be trying to put that from my mind.

TextbooksSo I focus. Reading through my textbook is taking forever. Thankfully, my professor appreciates my efforts and has a sense of humor. He addresses me by my initials, a nickname of sorts, and signs his first name on e-mails. I calculate him to be slightly older than me and thankfully, he communicates well.

Now I’m under deadline. My final paper for this semester will be due before I know it. Lots of other deadlines in everyday life to deal with, as well. It’s crunch time.

Everything is taking my time and trying to distract me. ResearchE-mails, home repairs and maintenance, schedules, text messages, daily duties, cooking, you name it. I try to avoid computer surfing, the phone, and anything resembling TV. None of these would normally be tempting. It takes everything within me to concentrate.

Mixed race woman studying at home

Mixed race woman studying at home

Then my professor e-mails me a 500-page book he wants me to peruse. I thank him and say I’m trying to complete my last assignment right now. He must be trying to derail me. No speedreader, I wonder if he’s attempting to send me a secret message about this latest paper, so I decide to skim the tome, reading carefully, lest I miss something. Two hours later, I consider that it’s all been a waste of time.

I pace, I read texts, I write notes in margins and on small slips of paper, I work on the computer opening multiple tabs while typing page after page. It starts to take shape from ideas, to outline, to paper, footnotes, revisions, bibliography. I run a word count and am pleasantly surprised.

I think I’ll make it.


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