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Rich People Behave Differently

rich and poorShowed the kids a humorous, ten-minute or so video discussing the habits of rich folks. In general, I would agree with most of them, but, as could be expected, they depended on oversimplifications.

They listed poor people’s behaviors and then rich people’s behaviors. Here are a few that explain what rich people might do:

Eat healthy food instead of fast food.
Not waste time on excessive TV or spectator sports.
They don’t sleep in, but get started early on their day.richpoor
Rich people take responsibility for their life and accomplishments (poor people blame others).
They buy quality items.
They don’t buy on credit unless it’s an item that would make them more money.
Rich folks statistically shower more often, lol.

And on the list went.

Our kids enjoyed it, because there were numerous and humorous illustrations from random movie clips. In the midst of the funny parts, the real message came through loud and clear: to be outstanding, one needed to be willing to do different things and maybe not take the easy way.



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