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Rising at 2:00 am for Black Friday?

black-fridayAre you part of the post-Thanksgiving frenzy of shoppers flooding stores today? Discounts, sales and slashed prices beckon for shoppers in search of the best prices. Personally, I enjoy shopping in a quiet, empty store whenever possible. Loud music, other customers impinging on my personal space and picked-over merchandise make me want to flee the premises. So Black Friday would not be for me.

I don’t believe I’ve ever ventured out to shop on a Black Friday, but a couple of years ago, I happened to be in the environs of one of my favorite stores around 6:00 am on that day. I ventured inside. Empty. Grabbing a few things, nothing particularly caught my attention as being on any more of a significant discount than usual.

It got me to thinking. What would get you out of bed early in the morning, say, at 2:00 or 3:00 am? Here’s my black-friday2list:

Hunting – no way.
Travel – yes.
Exercise – possibly.
Shopping – not so much.
Finishing a project – absolutely.
Prayer – yes.
Decorating for the holidays – not really.
Tending to a sick dog, child or spouse – definitely.

black-friday3Which brings me to the realization that there are some things in life that can wait, and some things which can’t. May we all have the wisdom to know the difference and tend to what truly matters.

Make it a good holiday weekend.


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