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Rugged Individualism… or Lack of Team Spirit?

america-israel-tour-groupBeing part of a group tour is a trip-!  Maybe we’ve been living in the Dark Ages, but we’re amazed at the number of people thinking solely about me, myself, and I.

(And by that, I don’t mean “me”, I mean they’re thinking about themselves.  Period.)

This is not a do-what-you-want tour.  We make a stop for lunch at modest places throughout the Holy Land, and some of them saw a McDonald’s down the road and wonder if they could saunter over there for a while-?

Um, no.

“Do they understand that the kosher preparation drains all of the juiciness out of a burger?” our Jewish tour guide asks.200px-McDonald's_Israel_logo

Um, no.

“But we feel like eating an ice cream, and not a falafel–,” they begin to protest.

These are the same people that need a bathroom every five minutes, and want snack foods every ten minutes.  They come late to breakfast, linger in every gift shop beyond our allotted time, and insist that they can climb every mountain while holding back the rest of the group with their slow-mo movements.

I feel for those who are challenged when it comes to travel-as-a-military-maneuver.  Yes, we can savor the moment, but not if we already lingered here, there, and everywhere, and our next stop is preparing to close before we arrive.

e9eea4e0edbfd5ead236004ac2b3d599Everyone else operates as a team, thinks of the good of the whole, participates in voting over how many want to do what.  Yet, there are one or two women who want it their way every time.

I’m embarrassed. 

One claimed I practically caused her a heart attack, and the other said in over 20 years of knowing me that I actually sounded snippy. Why?

I told all within listening distance that they had a choice of rushing to our next site in order to help us do one last thing after that, or anyone who felt tired could take a taxi back to the hotel, a 5-minute ride, and we would meet them there.

They refused both.

Our tour guide had coddled them all day, making us miss site after site, due to their slowness.  I felt that one or two peopleu20600429032724 could not penalize and hold back the majority any longer.  That’s when they stole our tour guide away from us, yes, the two of them, while I had to lead the rest of the group myself.

Add that to my list of hats to wear:  tourguide, mother to many, inspiring wrath and anger for trying to make the trip more pleasant and palatable to all.  As they say, no good deed will go unpunished.

Most of us understand that we can’t always eat what we want, when we want, nor do what we want to do, when we want to do it.  This is called Life 101.  Are there really people like this, who want to make others suffer, so that they can get whatever they wish?


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  1. avatar hoonew says:

    Ugh- I’ve heard about tour busters like this. Yuk!

    • avatar admin says:

      Yep, hoonew, no fun at all. I’m generally very quick to apologize or explain myself until someone “gets it”, but enough is enough….

      (Thank you for your support.) 🙂

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