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Russia Meddling in Other Countries

russiaSomewhere along the line, somebody was drinking the Koolaid. Folks were believing that Russia, the country with the largest land mass in the world, would be content to just live and let live. Anyone who has visited Russia, lived in Russia, had a Russian grandmother or read Russian literature knows otherwise.

Let’s stick with the iconic Russian babushka or grandmother. Like a Jewish mother, the babushka lives to meddle: eat more, come and visit, what’s happening in your life?, are you dressed warmly enough?

Those who adopted babies from Russia report being stopped in the street, in the middle ofbabushka summer, and grilled as to why the child might not be wearing a winter hat and booties. It’s just something that is not done in Russia even if the temps approach 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The babushkas are there to let you know with enough gestures and outrage that even a neophyte would be understanding the language in no time.

Basically, there is no filter. And there is no life beyond their tiny dacha and cat, so they exist to take on your life. So they let you know exactly what you need to hear. And if you are not listening they will sulk and throw a fit, or possibly both.

It’s a very dramatic people. I know.

Along comes President Vladimir Putin, former head of the KGB, and you think he’s going to play patty-cake with the rest of the world. Visit any of the Sheremetyevo airports and you will see signs referring to the birth of Russian Orthodox Christianity in Crimea. They are informing international travelers that Russia has a history and a right to Ukraine.

putinFolks, this expansionism is going to continue unabated, for it follows the Russian babushka model of meddling.

Elections, you say? Did the Russians meddle in American elections? Absolutely. Three out of four of our Russian kids voted in the last Presidential Elections of 2016. We voted in a rec center and the helpful volunteers called out to the entire room of voters and on-lookers, “First-time voters here!” and everyone gave them a standing ovation for meddling in American politics.

All that to say, the smartest thing that Russians could do is reinstate foreign adoptions. The dumbest thing they could do is attempt to hack and meddle from afar.

But, meddle they will. It’s the Russian way.


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