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Russian Adoption: Yes, No, or Maybe So?

Are there de facto freezes on Russian adoptions in certain regions?  Yes.  Does this include every region in Russia and therefore affect every adoption?  No.

In yet another case of “Know Before You Go”(not that it’s always possible), Americans need to check and recheck that their assigned region is a) issuing referrals of children; and b) issuing court dates for adoption.  Cross-reference all information with the U.S. Embassy in Moscow and the U.S. State Department site on Intercountry Adoption: http://adoption.state.gov/country_information/country_specific_alerts_notices.php?alert_notice_type=notices&alert_notice_file=russia_4 if you feel that an adoption agency may not be giving you the entire picture.

It is not always in an adoption agency’s best interests to be transparently honest with clients.  Ask for recent, very recent customer testimonials, from those who have travelled for trip one, two, three or four in the past month or two.  Then check out the region with U.S. Embassy information by e-mailing Moscow and asking if the Russian region (naming the krai or oblast) is indeed moving forward with adoptions to America.

This writer has not seen any posted announcement from any adoption agency that Russian adoptions have shut down in general, or in particular.  However, numerous individuals and couples have experienced cancelled referral trips, and court trips which never materialized.  If you have updated information about your situation, please pass it along, and tell our readers whether it’s Stop or Go, and in which region.  Feel free to maintain your anonymity, but please be as accurate as possible.  The quickest way is to post a comment on our site after this article.  I know that your family may be hurting right now, but this information could help others if you wish to share.

For those thinking of signing with an agency, you need to get accurate and up-to-date information. While doing your research, pay special attention to the players involved.  Those regions and officials closely linked with Moscow will be marching in step with the party line much more than regions which exercise more independence.  Check both political and geographical proximity to Moscow, which may (political) or may not (geographical) be a factor.  It would make for an interesting study.

Every one of you in the adoption process is in our thoughts and prayers!  We’re here for you.



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  1. avatar Shelley says:

    Alexandra, this is very helpful. Your updates allow me to point friends in the right direction. I don’t know anyone in the process but several who are considering Russian adoption. Thank you.

  2. avatar Anon says:

    Waiting for a court date with no reason to believe it will be delayed. I won’t mention any specifics but I have heard that the further from Moscow the less under the thumb of politics the judges may be….

    • avatar admin says:

      There you go, Anon, and we wish you God-speed! There are regions that appear unaffected and the ones that I know of personally do seem rather remote from Moscow. For our four children, we were in two regions, both a medium-sized distance from Moscow and one was/is still anti-foreign adoption. A lot has to do with how “red” a region is– really tied to former Communist politics and current Russian nationalism, so that doesn’t have to do with geography alone. But all things being equal (and we know they never are), I believe that adoptive parents may have better chances right now in some of the more remote areas. Let us know how it goes– best wishes!

  3. avatar iowa says:

    I have subbmitted our dossier to 2 differnt regions and am wondering if anyone has heard about these 2 having issues. Ekaterinburg and Vladivostok. These are both East of Moscow. One in the middle of Russia and the other on the very Eastern, Southern point. Any help would be appreciated.

    • avatar admin says:

      Traditionally, Ekaterinburg has been very bureaucratic and problematic for adoptions. Vladivostok has not. If you want the latest news, two suggestions: post on the Yahoo adoption groups of each of these regions, then post on a larger Russian adoption Yahoo group asking the same questions. I’m concerned that our readers might not see your question since the post is a little dated. Let us know what happens! We’re rooting for you, Iowa.

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